Monday, 3 December 2012

Some Cross Stitch in Progress

You may remember that way back at the start of October I did some sketching, working on ideas for some new designs. Most of them are going to have to wait until 2013 now to get acted upon as I'm busy getting my shop orders packed and posted, but I have made a start on stitching one of them...

... I don't think I will ever be one of those people whose stitching looks nice and neat at the back, haha.

I'm quite new to cross stitch so there's been a lot of trial and error involved as I'm working out my ideas for this design - and as you may have guessed from that photo, I've already done quite a bit of unpicking! The yellow got unpicked and replaced by another colour (though those yellow threads at the back are firmly entangled and are going nowhere) and I got about a third of the way through stitching the blue section and then decided it really needed to be a shade darker. Sigh. 

I did think about starting over, but it took so long to stitch the section that involved metallic thread that there's no way I'm re-doing that bit! Honestly, that stuff looks great but it can be such a faff to work with. 

I am enjoying the actual process of the stitching though, it's very relaxing, and although it's taking a while to translate the image in my head into a finished design it's getting there slowly!


AnitaS said...

I am anxious to see what your making. I love creatif people.

Xenia said...

It is always a surprise to me how long it takes me to cross stitch. It's deceptively simple. I made my mother two small samplers for last Christmas and they took AGES to complete. Good luck with yours. Can't wait to see it.

Claire Davenport said...

I've literally just rediscovered the delights of cross stitch. I'm itching to buy a pad of graph paper and start making my own designs, can't wait to see what you're sewing!

sam-diablo said...

I'm glad i'm not the only one who has 'messy' back stitching!

farragio said...

Cross stitching is so much fun. Stick with it and you'll get the hang of it.

Pat said...

I have done many cross stitch projects over the years, very relaxing to do and very satisfying to see a finished work framed and on display! Good luck,I am sure your sampler will be beautiful.

Tumus said...

Metallic thread no matter what it's used for is always a faff to work with. It'll also kink your sewing machine something awful if you don't tension it properly and use some sort of thread lubrication and stabilizer on the back of your fabric.

Props to you for sticking with it though. I rarely mess with it these days :)

Kay said...

I love cross stitch, it was my first love for years. I will be interested to see your designs. Will you be selling patterns, kits, or ready made items in it? Metallic thread is always a pain, have you tried using Thread heaven on it?

BugsandFishes said...

Thanks guys xx

Xenia - Yes, even simple little things take forever don't they? They're very enjoyable to stitch though.

Claire - I think this could be a new crafty addiction! Best of luck with your designs xx

sam-diablo - You are definitely not alone!

Tumus - Every time I use it I think "I must avoid this in future" but the finished result is so deliciously shiny that it's just too tempting :)

Kay - It's very much just a hobby for me at the moment, though I might be sharing some patterns here on the blog if people are interested! Thanks for the tip re: the metallic thread x


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