Friday 7 December 2012

Nice Catalogues

Isn't the cover of the winter catalogue from Boden lovely? Such sparkly, vintage-y festive goodness.

And look what I spotted in another catalogue that popped through our door recently: it's my book!

The Book People are currently offering my book at such a bargain price it seems only fair to let you guys know about it (I think they just deliver to the UK though, sorry!) And at that price, you can buy one for everyone you know this Christmas! Haha :)


Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

I have had your "Super Cute Felt" book out this week, making a few things. Well, I finished one very wonky gingerbread man. How do your get felt shapes cut out so neat and perfect looking? I don't mind a bit of wonk, hand made cam be wonky, but this was too wonky.
My fabric scissors must be too big to cut out little shapes accurately. Do I need some smaller scissors?

Bugs and Fishes said...

Hi Cat - I'd definitely recommend buying some embroidery scissors for cutting out your felt shapes. The small, sharp blades will give you a lot more control.

There's a guide to cutting out small shapes in the techniques section of Super-Cute Felt but you may also find this post (and the comments) helpful: