Thursday, 6 November 2008

Picking up Leaves

I'm visiting my parents today, and have braved the wet and chilly weather (brr) to pick up lots of leaves from their garden ready for some crafty projects I have planned...
What a nightmare it is using someone else's camera! :)

I was reminded that I needed to go collect some leaves when I read this simple-but-entrancing autumn mobile project on Design*Sponge yesterday:How charming is that? Even the twig looks stylish! A great way to bring the outdoors in and savour the fleeting delights of autumn, and if you loved the look of this but wanted something slightly longer-lasting or a fun project for your kids you could perhaps make your own leaves out of coloured paper (or maybe even felt?) and hang them in exactly the same way.


conner.ash said...

I love this crafty idea! I think felt would be very pretty to use with this. Detailed stitching, sequins, and beads would make it beautiful!

joolseye said...

I've also been looking up ways to preserve the leaves in beeswax so that the mobile will last a bit longer too :)