Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Fingers Crossed

I made that badge for my US-politics obsessed boyfriend last Christmas - he is a bit nervous today.

While he concerns himself with serious world issues, I have been making some more batches of birds... tweet tweet! Oh, and CharlieMotel's closing down sale has been such a success that the shop is closed temporarily while Megan gets her parcels packaged and remaining stock in order: if you're interested in snapping up some of her bargain cuteness sign up to get notified when she reopens in a couple of days... UPDATE: her shop is now open again, hurrah!


Anonymous said...

I was ready for change. I don't know who your boyfriend was cheering for but now it's all decided and I hope the US can finally gain back some much needed respect and honor from the rest of the world.
Well see though. Obama doesn't get fully signed in as President till January 2009....

(it's fine if you'd rather not publish this comment, it's pretty "loaded" on the polictical spectrum lol)


pomegranates said...

those birds are absolutely fantastic!