Wednesday 24 July 2013

This Week I have mostly been Knitting.... Little Hats

My "just for fun" craft project of the moment involves using up some leftover yarn in my stash.

I've been knitting a few mini moss stitch squares and also making lots of little hats for The Big Knit:

As you can see, I've finished some already...

...but others need sewing together, their ends weaving in & their pompoms added... oh, and I've got a bit more yarn waiting to be knitted, too.

See those cute mini multi-coloured pompoms? My mum made them several years ago (way back in 2006 I think) when I knitted lots and lots of mini hats while I had the flu.

I knitted the hats and she made mini pompoms to match (teamwork!). She made a few too many and they were just too cute to throw away... but then I forgot all about them! Oops. I'm glad I found them while having a clearout earlier this year, so they can finally be put to the use they were made for.

My work to do list has been a bit dull this week - stuff like replying to emails and doing admin. All very important stuff, but not very blog-friendly. I've also been editing lots of photos for the new tutorials I'm working on. Photo editing is such a boring job but I'm really excited about sharing all these projects with you guys over the next few months!

I've also got some more photos to take and edit, as I've got a whole bunch of things that need to be added to my shop. There are a few new things, and lots of bits and pieces I've made for previous tutorials.

If you fancy giving some of that lot a new home, keep an eye on my blog... I'll write a post with photos & shop links when everything's been listed :)


say it said...

Love the mini hats. They must be so fiddly to make!

bairozan said...

The small hats are such a great initiative! I know old people are taken good care of in the UK and for sure this involves a lot of volunteer work! A great batch of small hats, congratulations!

Bugs and Fishes said...

say it - they're not too fiddly, actually, just simple enough that I can manage them with my very limited knitting skills :)

bairozan - yes, it's a great project, they raise a lot of money each year and it's perfect for knitters to get involved with as we always have leftover bits of yarn to use up!