Wednesday 31 July 2013

How To: Felt Iced Biscuit Brooches

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The second tutorial this week is how to make felt iced ring biscuit (cookie) brooches. These are a fun, nostalgic gift for fans of tea & biscuits, or anyone who had these biscuits at their childhood birthday parties.

These biscuits also make cute Christmas ornaments - just add a loop of narrow ribbon instead of adding a clasp. The biscuit design would also look great appliqued on felt gifts like purses, or lavender sachets.

Remember not to give these brooches to / leave them within reach of any small children who may mistake them for actual food!

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Kay said...

These remind me so much of my childhood, they were always considered to be a real treat instead of the boring biscuits we usually had.

Fran said...

So cute! We still love those party ring biscuits in our house :-)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Kay - yes, these are a real nostalgia trip for me too! We only ever had them at birthday tea parties :)

Fran - I sadly haven't eaten any of these for years, maybe I should treat myself to some??