Friday 4 March 2011

A New Look

After much umming and aahing I've decided to try out a new avatar in my Etsy shop, switching from my bird mask self-portrait to my felt rainbow self-portrait:

I wrote a long list of pros and cons about changing it (my fellow shop-keepers will know how tricky these decisions are!) but while there's lots of reasons to keep the familiar birdie the rainbow feels "right" for my shop's branding at the moment.

You may notice the rainbow also making an appearance over on my blog sidebar, and it matches the thankyou cards I'm sending out with my orders, too. Rainbows everywhere!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my avatar change - do you like the new one? Do you like Etsy avatars that show the shop owner or the products or don't you mind/care? Any and all feedback is much appreciated! :)


Cate said...

I think you probably made the right decision. The photo you have chosen shows not only you, but also your product in all it's gorgeous rainbow glory. The pic you have replaced, although depicting one of your masks and happily whimsical, did not promote your product in the same way.
I think it was a professional choice. (my 2 cents :-))

Rosa-Munda said...

Good business choice! Ros

beautiful square feet said...

I'm quite new to your blog, and your shop, so I don't really feel like I can comment with any anuthority, but I do prefer your rainbow image. I think it symbolises the range of products and colours that you offer, rather than the one product shown in your other picture. Hope this helps!

H said...

I also think it was a good choice...and that rainbow stack looks so appealing!

Rebekah said...

The new image is beautifully representative of what Bugs and Fishes is all about. Love it. :)

happy said...

i like the new avatar. and i don't mind if the avatar is the pic of the shop owner or anything as long as it pretty..

Mindy said...

wow, tough decision! the bird mask showcases a unique product, but i'll definitely go with the rainbow, its so bright and cheery and i'm sure it entices customers to take a look in your shop! ((:

Tumus said...

At the moment I think the rainbow felt is a good choice or maybe a collage of your best sellers. The felt rainbow does imply that you sell felt supplies right off (which could be your "cash cow" I don't know) so it will definitely draw people to your shop because of that.
I know when I was revamping my shop I thought to myself if people saw this as my avatar could I use it on a business card, would it represent me? Would it encompass what I did? Would people "get it"? Though it's nice to see the artist I like to keep my avatars, banners and other business-y things cohesive in their look.
You're headed the right way :)

flowerpress said...

Oh, I'm a bit torn. I love them both. I like the birdie one because its creative and cute, and the rainbow because of all that droolworthy felt!
The felt makes me think of supplies more, is that what you wanted?
I love your bird brooches, they would make a good avatar too. Really you are spoilt for choice!
Sorry, thinking aloud and not much help :-)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks for all your comments everyone :)

It's very tricky choosing one image to represent my shop when I sell handmade things and supplies... but everything in my shop is made out of felt, after all, and I do like nice bright colours in my work.

Also the masks (much as I love them) are a bit of a seasonal seller (I sell most during carnival season & the run up to Halloween) so it makes sense I think to feature something I sell more regularly?

I think I will try it and see - I can always try something new later in the year, maybe when it's time to choose an image for my next order of business cards!