Thursday 3 March 2011

Spring Scraps

Some pretty scraps from a project I've been sewing this week...

I'm doing a lot of sewing at the moment, and have been steadily working through the BBC's iPlayer looking for radio shows to listen to and TV shows to half watch while I sew.

I've really been enjoying the recent Raymond Chandler adaptations and lots of the programmes in the BBC's sculpture season, and I'm loving the sci fi show Outcasts simply because it's so utterly terrible that it's really quite entertaining (the rubbish dialogue! the wooden acting! the ridiculous plot! all so, so bad).

After hearing lots of people rave about The Killing I gave that a try the other day. I'm usually a bit squeamish about crime dramas and prefer them lighter and fluffier with a bit less grim detail, but I'm now completely hooked! (the brilliant dialogue! the wonderful acting! the slow burning, twisty-turny plot! all AMAZING).

It's in Danish with subtitles, which means it's not exactly the ideal thing to watch while sewing but I'm becoming quite skilled at a stop-start style of sewing that involves looking up every time someone speaks (so I can read the subtitles) and then resuming sewing again. Luckily there are lots of atmospheric pauses :)

What have you been watching / listening to while crafting recently?


FuzzyFolk said...

The Human Planet on iplayer, its fascinating and really beautifully shot.

A very inspiring and relaxing crafty backdrop!

I also watch lots of old films when I craft, I've seen them before so I don't miss anything if I'm looking away, but can look up from my snipping and stitching to watch all the best bits. It was Forest Gump today awwww.

Anonymous said...

Harry Potter audio books!

Unknown said...

If you want a laugh, try Tom Wrigglesworth's open letter from Radio 4. They're really funny.

Things Hand Made said...

I wrote a similar post with some of my fav podcasts mostly about craft. I was trying to find out if there was another kind of radio 4 for another country to listen to something new and different.