Tuesday 1 March 2011


I'm working on a few things at the moment which involve drawing circles.

Whenever I have small circular pattern pieces to draw I use this super-useful circle template:

I pinched it from my dad many years ago (what a terrible daughter I am!), it's getting a bit old and worse-for-wear now but my goodness it's a useful bit of kit.

I'm also thinking of buying an old fashioned school compass for drawing larger circles and maybe even a protractor too. Such excitement!


Awok's Kiter Craft (Awin) said...

I also have one n very usefull when it come to make a vary circle... Own it when i'm studying in University... :)

Unknown said...

It's things like this that make some jobs a great deal easier.

Simple things.


Claire said...

That looks really handy.

I still have an old school compass (the key is to get a really stiff one so it keeps its shape when you're drawing the circle) which I use for drawing clickwheel circles on iPod cover templates.

Melissa said...

my cuttlebug machine cuts circles of felt for me (use a circle die - lots of them available out there) Just put the felt and die through them machine and you get a perfectly cut circle.

Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Spoken like a true crafter!