Sunday, 21 November 2010

New Thankyou Notes

I always like to include a little handwritten thankyou note with my shop orders, usually on a homemade mini card. I really enjoy making the cards but as my business grows I'm using more each year and finding less and less time to make them...

So this week I ordered a pack of professionally printed cards that I can use instead:

A whole box of little rainbows! Wonderful stuff.

I hope my customers will like them as much as I do :)


two hippos said...

They look great!

Tumus said...

those are sharp! I found that I eventually had to spend a bit more on business cards myself to help get the "look" I wanted :)
Nice addition to your packages!

Islay said...

they look great! And I'm sure they'll be appreciated just as much as handmade cards because, well, they're cute :)

Cate said...

congratulations on being too busy to make them yourself! It just shows how successful your business is becoming:-) And they are gorgeous little bursts of colour! xxx

Katie said...

Gorgeous! Love them :-)


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