Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Vintage Baubles for Sew Hip

The latest issue of Sew Hip came out on Friday (issue #23) and it includes a project designed by me - felt ornaments inspired by vintage glass baubles. They even made the front cover:

It's always exciting seeing something I've made in print (in a real magazine! right there in the newsagent! eek!), and I'm thrilled by the thought that people will be making their own vintage felt baubles and adding them to their trees this Christmas.

This was one of those secret projects I was sewing over the summer but couldn't tell you about. The baubles were lots of fun to design but it is always a bit weird working on Christmas things in the summer sunshine...

The magazine includes 13 other projects to sew and interviews with awesome crafty people like Ruth Singer, Jan of Daisy Janie, and my lovely friend Christine who is trying out an impressive 52 crafts in 52 weeks and blogging about all of them!


Cate said...

Congrats on the magazine cover!

I like your comment about sewing xmas stuff in the sun. Just imagine how wierd it is for us to be singing about 'dashing through the snow' and then eating roast turkey every year in the summer sunshine...aussie xmas - it's a confusing thing :-)

MitziMakes said...

They're so pretty! Well done!!

Islay said...

congrats! Very cute. And they look fairly toddler proof too - we're trying to think of decorations that won't smash into a million pieces now we have one of those mobile wrecking balls.

ArtesanĂ­as en lanas e hilos said...

Me encanta tu blog! te llevo a mis favoritos!
Saludos desde Uruguay

I love your blog! I take my favorite!
Greetings from Uruguay

Watkins35 said...

congrats, I got my issue today & noticed them just before reading your post, lovely :) x

Flory said...

Beautiful baubles Laura! You are doing a great job!!!! About the sewing in the summer sunshine projects for Christmas, I know what you mean :D

Flory said...

I forgot to tell you I really love the way you mix the colors in your project! I really like that!
Looking forward to see the other projects!


I just came across your blog by accident yet strangely was reading that very edition of SewHip last week and just made some of your baubles the other day!! Well done on getting your idea published. It worked a treat for me so thank you!! x

BugsandFishes said...

Thanks guys!

Pootle Flump - very exciting to hear you've already made some of the baubles :)


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