Friday 4 December 2009

An Upcycling Update

You may have heard about the Upcycle Christmas competition being run by the good people at Folksy (I blogged about it a while back).

Well, the closing date is tomorrow at 5pm and I'd been planning on blogging about some of my fave picks from all the entries and writing something sorrowful about not having time to think up my own entry... and then I had a sudden bit of inspiration this morning and have spent this afternoon working on my own upcycled piece :)

Here's a quick snap of the offcuts:
More pics tomorrow - hope there's decent light as I'm cutting it rather fine!!

In the meantime, here are three "before and after" photos from some of the entries which have really charmed me. It's so much fun seeing the transformation from second hand materials into brand new crafty loveliness.

The Cotton Potter
used these vintage linens and second hand clothes...... to make this pretty Jug shaped slip cover for a wine bottle:
Through The Round Window
used an assortment of second hand glass...... to make this gorgeous stained glass panel called "Winter Girl" (love the frosted glass!)

And Rose Lullaby Dolls used a Barbie doll and some other finds...... to make Ingrid, a doll with real personality:
What I've made is in no way as awesome as that lot, but I'm still pleased I got struck by some inspiration in the nick of time! Make sure you check out all the entries here and if you're a member of Folksy you can mark the ones you like as a favourite and help determine who wins the"peoples choice" prize.


Tumus said...

Wow that doll one is amazing! I love all those :) Can't wait to see what you came up with!

Flora said...

Thanks for the mention!

I love RoseLullabydoll's creations - there's a beautiful melancholy about them.

Looking forward to the big reveal on your creation - talk about cutting it fine!

Anonymous said...

fantastic selections from super talented folk! going to snoop some more for myself :)

Anonymous said...

What a great competition, there are some fantastic entries. Look for ward to you reveal later!

Gloria Leandro said...

รจ bellissima la bambola!!!! complimenti!


nicedaydesigns said...

I can't believe that Doll it's amazing!!

Jane Bradley said...

Gorgeous post, very inspiring - and I love the doll! I'm with Tumus, can't wait to see what you come up with!