Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Tidying Up

This week I've been doing lots of tidying - putting away lots of crafty mess, rearranging my supplies storage and tackling the madness that is our spare room.

Not exciting at all (sorry!) but it feels sooo good to get it all done!

(Image taken from a vintage book about how to be a good housewife given to me by my boyfriend for a laugh and cos he knew I'd adore the illustrations!)


squareby said...

Ah! This just might be the inspiration I need to clean the apartment ... if I can find the vacuum cleaner underneath all the stuff.

minkeltje said...

Oh my God! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR BLOG! No seriously, I get soo inspired and my hands started itching while looking through the newer and older posts..

Best blog ever!

BugsandFishes said...

Aw, thanks minkeltje! :)

treaclezoo said...

"...given to me by my boyfriend for a laugh and cos he knew I'd adore the illustrations!"

lol, Laura, you *hope* that's why ;-D

Then again, seeing how sweet he is helping with shop work, I am sure he does the housework too anyway?!

Hannah Nunn said...

love your snowflake curtain in UK Handmade!

M said...

Ha! treaclezoo said almost exactly what I was about to say in _my_ comment. "For a laugh" indeed!


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