Sunday 24 August 2008

I Heart Tea (Crafting 365 day 343)

I drink a lot of tea. Many many mugs of the lovely stuff. I am totally addicted and totally obsessed with all the paraphernalia that goes along with it: teacups, teapots, teacosies, even nice teaspoons! So it seemed only right and proper that I got back into sewing after my recent break with a batch of "I love tea" badges:
Sooo many tiny letters to cut out and sew on! Very satisfying finishing that lot, but there are even more to come as I'm finally going to be restocking the other four colours over the next few weeks as well...

Thinking of tea (and you know I often am), did you know that everyday when Eastenders finishes so many British people put the kettle on for a cuppa that it almost overwhelms the National Grid? I learnt this fun little fact from the shopping blog Wee Birdy, which kindly featured some of my tea-themed brooches this month. Hurrah!

Other recent features of my work include a sweet post on I Love Hokey, my "tea taste" pin in a lovely tea-themed Etsy montage on Mon Petit Lapin (I drink plain old builders tea - Fairtrade, of course - black no sugar in case you're wondering) and in a tea themed "treasury" selection by SassaLynne, a mention of my badger brooch by Miss Frugality, kind words on Hazelnut Studio's blog ... and also a little feature on Crafty Crafty.

Any mention of my work always makes me smile, be it on shopping blogs or little mentions of my felty things on the blogs of fellow crafters (apologies to anyone I forget to mention - I love you all, I'm just forgetful!) but I have to admit to having a little giggle at CraftyCrafty's description that "These fantastic felted goodies are part of the felt 365 project, a spinoff from crafting 365." Felt 365! Heehee! I love how my Crafting 365 group is starting to get mentioned places and take on a life of its own away from me but it did make me laugh all the same :)


Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

These are very cute, my Mom and Grandmother are big tea drinkers. My husband and youngest son love sweet tea, but not any others. You are very talented.


Zylo said...

Okay, you're the expert here. How should one drink Earl Grey? I've done the sugar and cream route as well as the honey and lemon. I think I'm being scoffed at by the world.

Mon Petit Lapin said...

Black tea, no sugar? wow you are a strong lady! I'm earl grey with a drop of milk, no sugar (sweet enough ;) but in response to zylo above, I have found I often have to ask for the additional milk because I think traditionally in true english style it is drunk with a single slice of lemon! ergh I dont like the aftertaste of that!

hokey said...

Thanks for the mention, I love your work, but I guess you know that already!

Hollie x