Wednesday 27 August 2008

Finished! (C365/346)

I have finished my accounts! Hurrah hurrah hurrah *happy dance*

I've still got the actual tax return to do, and a few bits of printing and filing to sort out but spreadsheets have been completed, calculations have been made, all bar one receipt has been found and neatly filed. Success!

Also satisfying but in a totally different way, I finished these last night:
Rather embarrasingly you can see them in my work in progress pile way back on day 51!


cutedesigns said...

Yay for getting the account stuff done - I hate stuff like that. :/ I'm not very good with figures and numbers. :/

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful, bet you're happy that you finished them (and your tax return! )

debsmuddle said...

well done for being such a busy bunny

Jenaveve said...

Just had to say how much I love these!! They really tickle my fancy. Enough to want to learn how to embroider (but oh, where to start....)