Monday 25 August 2008

More Tea Love

Yesterday (day 344) the tea-themed craftiness continued: I finished the pink tea badges and made a small batch of embroidered "tea addict" pins. Here are both batches all neatly packed away in their storage bags:
I love those little bags: they help me feel very organised! With tea on the brain, I did some DaWanda window shopping yesterday evening and found some delicious tea-themed treats... lovely greetings cards from I Like Pens: birds + tea = heaven!
... and one of the most charming necklaces I've seen in a very long time, a sweet and simple silver teacup from Tollsten:
How darling is that?? Definitely on my wish list. I'm starting to get the hang of Pinboards over on DaWanda and am enjoying keeping little lists of things I might like to buy in future or just plain think are awesome. So far I've started a Teatime pinboard, a selection of Lovely Birdies and an all-purpose list of Pretty Things (because you can never have too many pretty things), they're quite addictive really. More DaWanda finds no doubt coming soon!


Mon Petit Lapin said...

Oooo your badges look so delicious all together in their plastic wrap, so neat and tidy! Well done finishing all that lot, I'm finding I really lack the patience for hand stitching and it always comes out so untidy :( but practice makes perfect! Im always a peppermint tea after Eastenders if I manage to catch it - to calm the nerves! Thanks for the shout out, as soon as my exams are over I'm determined to join your 365 carfting project (although I'm sure I craft a lot more at the moment as a procrastination technique!) All the best Becky