Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Disguise Yourself

There's a bit of a disguise theme going on with my crafting this week, first finishing a batch of moustache disguises on Sunday...
... and then cutting out pieces for making masks on Monday evening:
I was just planning on starting a few "spares" of the masks I've currently got listed on Etsy, but when I went looking for the appropriate felt colours in my stash I discovered some much neglected patterned felt sheets and decided to put them to use! I'm trying out a camouflage version of the bandit and a leopard-print version of the cat mask. The camouflage felt was originally bought to make this little guy:
A couple of sweet mentions to, er, mention today: one of my circles pincushions was featured on a nice-looking blog called One Part Whimsy; and my newly-established Folksy shop got a lovely mention on the always awesome I Like. Hurrah!


andrealism said...

hi. love your adorable creations :) may i ask what sort of cutter do you use to cut out shapes for your felt. can you recommend something? thanks.

BugsandFishes said...

Hiya - I actually cut all my pieces out with scissors! :)

andrealism said...

hehe i use scissors too but you must have steadier hands than i do! :p

iHanna said...

Such cute - and fun - things you make! I like your blog I have to say as I just found it!


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