Tuesday 26 August 2008

Best in Show (day 345)

Yesterday was exactly the sort of day when - in the olden days, before my Crafting 365 project - I would've thought myself too busy to do any sewing and a day would have passed without creativity or the satisfaction that comes from making things. But with my 365 project in mind, as it got late I rummaged round for a quick project to do a bit of work on and found three brooches in my wip (work in progress) box waiting to be sewn together...
... a nice quick bit of sewing before bed, and now I have two rosettes and a medal all finished. Hurrah! The boyfriend approves most of the medal, but I am rather in love with the pink rosette. It is bringing out all my most girly pink-loving tendancies: it's "just frilly enough" and so darn cute!
(Please excuse the blue-tinged photos! Taking snaps in a hurry this morning cos my camera battery was about to die. The colour in the top picture is much more accurate).

As ever with new designs, you just don't know how things are going to work out until you actually "try them in felt"... I wasn't sure how to do the stitching on the star & heart shapes so I tried two different ways - I definitely prefer how the heart looks so I'll be sticking with that. Also I need to remember to make sure that the felt "ribbon tails" at the bottom of the rosettes don't disappear into the main body of the brooch as I'm sewing it together (as seems to have happened with the yellow one).


Goiuri said...

Wow, I love them!! They are really cute!!