Wednesday 6 August 2008

Felt Brainstorming

Last night (crafting 365 day 331) I sat down with a big pile of felt (two big piles, actually) and tried out a few ideas that have been bouncing round my head for a while. Just like getting ideas "down on paper" it's great to get things "down in felt" and on their way from being a vague notion in my mind to an actual finished product.

Waiting to finish one thing properly when you've got lots of ideas bubbling can be a bit disruptive when you're in the "zone", so I just stitched the pieces together roughly at the end of the evening (so they can be put away and stitched properly later). Please ignore the random bright pink stitching!I'm working on a prototype crown (and a girly "princess" version), a medal, rosettes, and a large floral corsage and floral crown. The crowns - like all my "dressing up" items - are not really designed with children in mind, but instead designed to fit people like me who have difficulty thinking of themselves as "grown ups" :)

In other news, I picked the first ripe strawberry today from our little balcony "garden" and am feeling very proud:


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and have left an award for you on at my blog post:
Thanks so much for sharing what you do.
alicia in Hawaii

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love your comment about making things for people who are not quite "grown up". ^_^

btw that strawberry looks delicious! I can't wait for my melons to get ripe enough to pick :)

aka Tumus

Anonymous said...

That's a huge strawberry! (Not that size matters, of course..)

N said...

The badges are so great! Just in time for the Olympics! :-) What a pretty strawberry!

Zylo said...

Yes! Brainstorming in your medium is awesome. I've started with my knitting as well. It looks like yours is going better though.