Thursday 19 February 2015


I am feeling a bit under the weather this week. You know that kind of bug where you feel okay (if a bit sleepy) until you try and stand up and do stuff and then you feel all wobbly and have to sit down again? I've got one of those. Ugh. 

I've been putting my feet up and reading some great books and magazines...

... but I've also been working through some of the tasks on my To Do list that I can do while sitting down and not 100% awake!

One of my ongoing projects at the moment is "archiving" - a fancy word for me sorting through all my paperwork, old photos, notes and sketches from finished projects, bookmarked blog mentions, magazine features, etc... and organising them into something resembling a proper "archive" of my business over the past few years.

Instead of a box full of contracts and paperwork: a neatly labelled file with everything organised in any easily-findable order. Instead of a bookmarks folder full of nice reviews of my books, etc, gathering digitial dust (and potentially vanishing if the various blogs get deleted): a folder of colour print outs for my records. And so on.

I've also been putting my magazine features from the past couple of years into my folders of clippings...'s lovely having the magazines lined up on my shelf for a while, but they take up so much space! I do keep the most recent magazines and a couple of special ones (my very first magazine feature and my first cover project) but it's great to get the rest filed away like this... not least because it makes me feel very fancy having a "portfolio" of clippings to show off :)

Next up: sorting out my 2013 and 2014 crafting photos so they're ready for the next time I make a crafty photobook! 


petoskystone said...

I know the feeling. Trying to sleep away some bug or other myself. Heal soonest!

Unknown said...

Those books look great! It's always fun having a sort through of craft stuff - I always find I get more inspiration by looking through it all!

Bugs and Fishes said...

petoskystone - thanks! :)

Bekah - yesss getting reacquainted with your crafty supplies = always inspiring