Monday 2 February 2015

Destashing, Destashing, Destashing & More Destashing

You may have guessed (from the title of this post) how I spent my weekend :)

I have been doing lots of sorting and photographing and measuring and weighing and photo editing and typing... working on getting more crafty bits and bobs out of my stash and into my shop.


... pretty felt ricrac!

... thick needle felt!

... colourful elastic headbands!

... 100% wool felt!

... keyrings and hairties and other useful stuff!

...  flower buttons!

... and more!

Click here to visit my shop and see the full selection of crafty supplies currently available!

It feels great to be having a big clearout. Sorting through my craft stash deciding what to keep and what I no longer need has been a fantastic way to make me think about the projects I want to focus on over the coming months. I've also unearthed some supplies I'd totally forgotten about (oops!), had some ideas for new makes (yay!) and been inspired to start a big studio tidy-up and spring-clean (hurrah!). I'm currently at that oh-dear-it-looks-like-something-exploded-in-here stage of tidying, but I'm getting there slowly!

P.S. There are quite a lot of exclamation marks in this post, aren't there?! Destashing is clearly very exciting!!!


Jennifer said...

Keep it up! Your posts are helping me keep motivated for my own 365 declutter. (maybe next year I'll tackle my craft stuff.) :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks Jennifer! I hope your decluttering is going well :)