Monday 10 November 2014

Pretty Postcards: Decorating My Studio

I've been sent a whole load of lovely postcards recently but had nowhere to display them so I hung up a picture line in my studio/office that I can peg postcards and other happy things to.


It's great to have a space for displaying the cards and lovely to have a bit of colour and decoration on the bare wall. I do have lots of "proper" pictures waiting to be hung up, but still haven't decided where to hang them (I know, I know). It's nice to have something up on the wall in the meantime.

(I've been watching a lot of cheesy Christmas movies while sewing lately!).

I've also got lots of postcards from my Nice Days Out stuck up on my bookshelves and my pinboard is full of pretty things that never fail to cheer me up when I look up from my desk.


The opposite wall is totally blank (for the moment) but since I sit with my back to it during my entire working day, it's much less of a priority!


C said...

If you are watching cheesy American Christmas movies, then might I suggest National Lampoon's Christmas vacation, A Christmas Story, and Christmas Every Day (a 1996 tv movie that is pretty much the kid's version of Groundhog Day). There's also a cartoon called Christmas Every Day. Both can be found on YouTube. They entertain me, but then again, I'm American. :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Aaaah, a kids version of Groundhog Day sounds amazing! Thanks for the suggestions, Xenia xx