Saturday, 1 November 2014

How To: Felt Poinsettia Brooches

PLEASE NOTE: this project will be removed from my blog at the end of April, after which it will be available as part of a printable pattern from my shops. Please make a copy of the instructions and templates if you'd like to save a free copy before then! :)

Remember the flower brooch tutorial I shared last month?

Today I'm sharing a template sheet for a variation of that project: making poinsettia brooches for Christmas.

To make the poinsettia brooches, use the template sheet at the bottom of this post.

Cut out one large and one small poinsettia shape from red felt. You'll also need dark green felt and yellow seed beads.

Then follow steps 2-7 of this tutorial to sew the brooch, using your poinsettia colours.

Click here to view the template sheet in a new window or tab. Make sure you're viewing it full size, then print at 100%. 

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BlueCat said...

You made beautiful flowers!

BugsandFishes said...

Thanks! :)