Thursday 27 November 2014

Christmas Scraps

Remember that lovely Christmas fabric I blogged about earlier this month?

Well, I've made a start on my project! Yay! I can't blog about it yet as it's going to be a gift (shhhh...), so here are some pics of the scraps I had left over after cutting out all the pieces.

I'd been planning on breaking out my much-neglected sewing machine for this project as it's going to involve lots of stitching, but I've changed my mind and decided to hand stitch it instead - partly because I'm not super confident with a machine as I'm so out of practice. (Note to self: practise using your sewing machine in 2015!)

I find working on a new, fun project can be a bit addictive - all I want to do is work on it, and I end up staying up waaaay past my bedtime because I think "I'll just get this bit finished..." and then look up and realise it's 1am. Oops.

But apart from some bad "it is definitely a good idea for me to stay up sewing this instead of going to bed, who needs sleep??" decision making, things are going well! It is an absolute pleasure to be working on a relaxing personal project after weeks of focusing on work deadlines.

Plus, I'm loving being able to sit and sew with festive fabric while binge-watching made-for-TV Christmas movies, which I adore and cannot get enough of at this time of year :)

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving! xxx


Anonymous said...

Your secret project scraps are a pile of fun! Your hand stitching is so beautiful, I am sure the recipient of your project will be thrilled with their wonderful, perfect gift! And yes, it is Thanksgiving here in the states- definitely would like you to know that you are someone that I am so thankful for! I peak at your blog everyday- it is such a wonderful way to start the day, and inspirational, too! Sometimes crafty, or conversational, or seeing somewhere lovely to dream about visiting someday! Thank you for all that you do, Laura- you are much admired and appreciated! Have a lovely weekend- and know that our house will be watching lots of made-for-tv Christmas movies, too!! :)

Unknown said...

Such pretty scraps - looking forward to seeing what they were from!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Bekah - I'll share as soon as I can! :)

Anonymous - THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind comment, it really made me smile xxx