Friday, 1 April 2011

Catching Up

Working on the book over the autumn and early spring has meant I'm a bit behind with my usual schedule this year.

I've got lots of designs still to restock after Christmas, lots of admin to catch up on (and my accounts to do!), loads of new designs and other projects I'm itching to get started on and so many odd jobs around the house that have been put off because I've just been too busy to do them.

It's wonderful switching to a slightly more relaxed routine, and starting to get organised again after the chaos of the past few months...

Thanks to the glorious sunshine we had last week I've already ticked one job off my list: repotting lots of jade plants which all grew hugely last year.

I love jade plants, which is rather lucky as they're one of the few houseplants that can survive my neglect!

All of these (and many more lurking in corners of our flat) were grown from cuttings taken from one mama plant which is older than I am, and belonged to my grandmother.

I love using colourful vintage pots for my plants but I couldn't resist the white Orla Kiely esque stem print ones from IKEA - I've had them for a few years now and they still make me happy whenever I look at them. Simple things, eh?

Vintage bits and pieces are perfect for growing cuttings, too. I usually use this trio of Hornsea jars...

... and a pair of large teacups (which also belonged to my grandmother), which are lovely but damaged so can't really be used for anything else. This is quite an old photo - the tiny seedling is now one of those larger plants!

P.S. Another job I've got ticked off my list is totalling up the number of cherry blossoms I sold during my Japan Tsunami fundraiser last month. Thanks to all the lovely people who bought a brooch or a hairband I've been able to donate £70 to the British Red Cross appeal. You are all awesome x


Jenna said...

wow, i LOVE your planters. so inspiring.

my little seedlets are having to make do with budget homes in used coffee and tomato cans...maybe i'll get off my butt and do something cute like this.

moonsafari said...

I love this plant too :) I got one from my grandma 7 years ago, my grandma has passed away since then but this plant (and its children) reminds me of her every day :)

Fiona said...

You are also awesome for making all those brooches and hairbands and donating the money. Well done.

Claire said...

Those plants are definitely hardy. When my mum's cat was a kitten, he nearly completely destroyed one, we had to put tinfoil around it to stop him, but it's since grown back really well.

Tumus said...

I've never tried Jade plants before. And hooray for being able to donate so much :)

BugsandFishes said...

Thanks guys! x

moonsafari - I never really met my grandmother as she died when I was very young, but keeping her plant alive makes me feel connected to her :)

Silly Little Sheep said...

Wonderful plants, I have a few of these myself and I cannot wait for spring to put them on the outer side of the window!!! :)


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