Thursday 7 April 2011

Making Buttons

Today I've been making some felt buttons.

(Updated) Some extra info, for those of you interested in making buttons for your own crafts!

The buttons are made with plain cover buttons which snap together, you can press them together by hand but using a tool makes it much easier. I use a
universal cover button tool (pictured above) , you can use it for pressing different sized buttons together, and the packaging also helpfully came with templates drawn on it for the size of felt/fabric you need to cover each size of button.

The wool blend felt I sell is perfect for covering buttons, but remember only to use them for things you won't be washing!
I don't sell button making supplies in my shops but your local haberdashery/sewing-supplies shop will probably stock some.

Here are lots of felt buttons I made a couple of years ago - be warned, making these is quite addictive!

The turquoise buttons I've made today are going to be used to make some felt flower brooches & hairbands, like these:

I love the lilac and turquoise colour combo, but if you fancy something a bit different you can now order custom versions of this design - in any colours you want!


lasastrecillavaliente said...


tienes alguna troqueladora para cortar el fieltro?? que es lo que aparece arriba con cĂ­rculos?? si es una troqueladora las vendes o puedes decirme donde comprarlas??

I love your blog, a lot of kissies.


Holly said...

How pretty! I love your flowers, and especially the buttons. Can you provide more info about that contraption you picture, which I assume aides in making the buttons?

Jo @ a life in lists said...

Felt buttons sounds fun! I've been toying with buying one of those button tool thingies to make buttons from some of my (huge) vintage fabric stash.

Jessica Boling said...

super cute! I may have to try this some day soon.

Michelle said...

Fab! I got one of these button making kits a few weeks ago. I have been getting ready for a craft fair and forgotten all about just reminded me and they look great, I am going to break mine out of it's wrapping. Thanks!

eiela said...

wow, beautiful flower. love that buttons, seem interesting.

Made in Suisse said...

One can never have enough buttons! Buttons covered in felt = YUM!
Where did you buy your "button tool thingie"( like Jo said ;-))?

Bugs and Fishes said...

Hi guys, the blog post includes a link to a site that sells it, or you can just google "universal cover button tool" to find other stockists!

Holly said...

Thanks for the update, re: the button cover tool. And the reminder not to wash the wool felt buttons. I totally would have forgotten that!

♥ Nia said...

I've never seen this tool from Prym! I'll look for it, thank you for the tip :)