Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Talking about Knitting

The interview with our knitting club was broadcast on BBC Gloucestershire at the weekend. Gosh it isn't half strange hearing yourself on the radio! Do I really sound like that?

If you fancy listening to me and my friend Lynne talking about knitting, you can hear our interview on the BBC's iPlayer HERE (it starts approx 2hours 42mins in & is available until Sunday 23rd May).

In other news, I'm having to lay off the sewing this week and keep my computer time to a minimum as my glasses broke...

... and I'm stuck wearing an old prescription until the new ones arrive on Friday. Very annoying!


ana said...

Crap about the glasses. I think if mine broke I'd be housebound!

Fiona said...

Superglue and gaffer tape might do the trick till Friday!

Zohar said...

Oh very annoying! I know how you feel. I feel so useless whenever my glasses break.

JO SOWERBY said...

ooh sad news about the glasses laura but amazing news about the interview, you are a woman of so many talents.
Jo xxxxx

flowerpress said...

You sound great Laura, you are a natural, wish I was a bit closer to come and knit!


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