Thursday, 13 May 2010

Knitting and Nattering

Yesterday afternoon we had our second Knitting Club meeting - it was so much fun.

I'm loving having a space carved out in my week to sit and knit and chat with a cuppa and a nice bit of cake, and I'm already feeling really inspired by seeing everyone else's projects. I invited the boyfriend to come along and learn how to knit, but even the prospect of cake couldn't tempt him... being my postal assistant is probably about as crafty as he's ever going to get!

We've been making posters this week to help spread the word about the group (the awesome photo is by Emma a.k.a. Yumptatious) ...

... and we even got the chance to promote the joys of knitting on the radio!

A lovely woman from the BBC came to interview us about the club, how it started and what our plans are, which was just so nervewracking. I don't know yet when it's going to be broadcast but I'll put up a link to it on the BBC's iPlayer when I can, and if my witterings aren't too embarrassing, haha.


Nic said...

I love knitting group. Sadly we only meet once a month but its still good.
Have you joined Ravelry yet? You can advertise your group on the forums there....and find lots of lovely patterns ;)

Millie D said...

Cool, a knitting club, thats brilliant.

BugsandFishes said...

Yes, I'm bugsandfishes on Ravelry :)

hawthorn said...

Glad you are enjoying your knit n nattering, we meet weekly (yay!) and our group is called the 'Ladies who Knit n Knatter' (unless of course you speak to the husbands or partners who refer to it as the 'coven') either way, we really really enjoy it. It is a good place to chat and craft and eat cake!!

niftyknits said...

oh what fun - I'm jealous! I will send a link to the lovely felix who interviewed me on the radio, she might like to do you too!

Debbyanne said...

ooooh i'd love to learn to how knit, i must find a knitting group near me. Bet you had lots of fun x x

Karen J said...

What time do you meet, Laura? Is it still a Wednesday pm?
I live just outside Gloucester and would love to come along.


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