Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Your Votes Needed!

Edit: voting has now closed :)

I've entered a fun competition over on Folksy, and I'd love it if you guys could pop on over to the Folksy blog today and vote for meeeee ... No, seriously, please go check out all the entries and vote for your favourite - there have been some fab entries and the prize is pretty awesome (a whole year of free listings and commission-free sales on Folksy! very exciting stuff) so the more votes the merrier!

The brief was to create "a seasonal decoration for the home" ... "you must not buy anything new to make your decoration and the bulk of the materials used must be recycled / upcycled from things that you would usually have thrown away." I took the brief quite seriously and went for a rummage in our recycling bin... and ended up making this:
A modern Christmas star, made from 2 cardboard coffee cup trays - my boyfriend brings these home from work so we can recycle them -- plus red yarn leftover from a knitting project, foil wrappers from chocolate money (for a bit of bling), and a red sweet wrapper. I also used a small bit of PVA glue and sticky tape to help the yarn hold everything in place.

It looks exactly the same on the back, so it can spin happily and look lovely from all angles! This is what it looks like from the front...
... and it looks rather sculptural and interesting from the side too as it's hollow in the middle:
I photographed this by hanging it in my kitchen window amongst some paper snowflakes (another Christmas project, lots of pictures of this tomorrow), and sitting on the windowsill to get the best light. My neighbours no doubt now think me madder than ever, hehe.


Ballee said...

You've got my vote (and next best was #19 with the bottleclips as little starts)!

QiaoEr said...

I've voted you already!!

piko0099 said...

Voted for you. Good luck!

laurie said...

I voted! Way to go lady Lupin! :)

caraandco said...

That is fabulous - so inventive, I'm off to have a look and vote now :D

Mlle Miracle said...

I've also voted for you.
As is said in my comment, I like the way you use the recycled material, it'very ingenious!

Chris said...

OMG, I have been saving these drink carriers for months, knowing I wanted to find a way to use them, and look at this! I can't wait to use them for Christmas.
Thank you.


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