Friday, 19 December 2008

Early Christmas Presents...

I have received some lovely things this week... firstly I got an amazing surprise parcel all the way from Japan, jam-packed with goodies:
Then one of my boyfriend's singing pupils (to whom we gave a bundle of felt for Christmas) popped round to bring us a Christmas card and she had sewn me some lovely things:
And finally - a Christmas gift to myself - check out the awesome bird ornaments I got from the RSPB this year (also available in National Trust shops, apparently) ...
... such an ace addition to my tree, and I love the little raffia nests they came nestled in! Thanks to WeeBirdy for featuring those and reminding me I needed to order some. We finally decorated our tree yesterday (just a few things still to make and add to it) - I'll try to take a picture of the birdies in situ sometime soon.


Holly said...

I'm a huge fan of those birds - my mother has some passed down from her grandmother and as children we weren't allowed to put them on the tree because they're so delicate, so they took on this sort of aura of awe for us.

I just love the packaging! Raffia to keep them snug doubles as a nest!


Chris said...

Oh, don't you love those little birdies!! I look forward to seeing them in the tree!


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