Monday, 29 December 2008

Secret Knitting

Today we have been framing and hanging pictures. I got an awesome "It's Nice to be Nice" print for Christmas (by the lovely Hazel Nicholls and available here if you're interested) and looking for a frame for that somehow led to me turning out all sorts of cupboards and boxes and folders for pictures, postcards and prints that I've been meaning to frame for ages. It's turned into a bit of a saga even though we're only being cheapo post-students and using clip frames for everything ... but it's so satisfying to have all our pictures out on display and so lovely to be filling up boring blank walls with colour.

No pictures of our pictures to show you, so instead here's another secret gift - a blanket I finally finished just in time for Christmas after foolishly declaring it "almost finished" way back in August! Dreadful dark blurry photo but you get the idea...
You can see my original scribbley sketch here if you're interested in that sort of thing. Nothing fancy, but I love the bright colours!


Ballee said...

wow, what a work!

Looks great, and bright!

Happy knitting in 2009!

gerrijo said...

this is just gorgeous and I can't even begin to imagine how much time it took (thankfully it looks like it was all worth it!)

KirstyFish said...

you are my hero x

Kristen said...

How satisfying to finish such a big project! It's gorgeous, such lovely colours. Am so glad it's not just me who takes aeons to finish things!


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