Tuesday 14 January 2020

Folk Flowers: Embroidery Pattern

Today I've got a pretty embroidery pattern to share with you guys - a trio of flowers, inspired by folk art designs.


This pattern is the first in a mini series of embroidery projects I'll be sharing in the coming months. 

Maybe you remember me stitching these three pieces last year?

Here's how they all turned out!

I'll be sharing the owl embroidery pattern here on my blog next month (February), then posting the lucky pants pattern in March.

All three of these designs are (as regular readers of my blog may already have spotted!) based on felt projects from my tutorial archive. I love creating different versions of my designs, and often include an embroidery pattern in the felt tutorials I sell in my shops. I thought it would be really fun to go back and look at some old designs I've shared here on my blog and give them a new life as embroidery patterns! I hope you'll enjoy stitching them, and maybe discovering some old projects from my archives which you missed the first time round.

Today's flower embroidery pattern is based on my tutorial for sewing a flower brooch - click here for the original tutorial!

As you can see, I've changed the shapes a little and added some extra details... and voila! One pretty little floral pattern to stitch.  

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I stitched my version with half strands of embroidery thread (floss) - using three strands from six-stranded thread.

I used backstitch for most of the design, adding three French knots to each flower and a circle of running stitches around the inside of the border. You don't need to sew the border circle but I think it makes a lovely simple frame for the design if you're planning on framing it in an embroidery hoop.

I used a dark berry red for the flowers, and a light plum for the flower detals. I stitched the stem and leaves with olive green, then added some extra lines to the leaves with a lighter, brighter green. For the border I chose a dark turquoise / teal shade, adding the inner circle of running stitches in light turquoise. You can use my colour choices as a guide when stitching your flower or just choose your own favourite shades!

Printing the pattern at 100% your flowers will fit perfectly inside a 4 inch embroidery hoop. I stitched my flowers in a 5 inch hoop to give myself a bit of extra space to work with when sewing the border.

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