Friday 31 January 2020

A Very Special Set of Felt Ornaments

I'm sharing photos today of an old project that I've realised I never blogged about!

I stitched these ornaments for a special couple about a decade ago. Each decoration featured one of their hobbies or other favourite things: from a stack of beloved books, to a tent to represent their many camping holidays, to a portrait of their cats.

Working on these was quite a challenge but a very fun one and I'm still really proud of the end results.

I loved the camera ornament so much it became part of my shop range for many years and I'll be bringing the design back later this year as a printable pattern.

I'll also be revisiting the books design very soon as I'm planning something book-themed for February. (Make sure you're signed up to my free pattern newsletter if you're interested!)

Here's a closer look at the other ornaments in the set...

A film clapperboard:

An acoustic guitar:

Knitting needles and yarn:


 A tent:

A Nick Drake record:

A pink gerbera daisy:

A cup of Tim Hortons coffee:

And those cute kitties!

What themes would you pick if you made a set of ornaments like this for yourself?


Kay said...

These are really fun. I would certainly have books and cake, something cross stitch related, perhaps a sewing machine too, our dog, a candle, and a Rainbow logo as I run the Rainbows in our village. For my husband his phone (yes, sad but true), a table tennis bat and ball, a little family tree, and a miniature garden too. x

Bugs and Fishes said...

That sounds like a lovely selection of items! I think a lot of us would have our phone included (or something like the Instagram logo) if we were honest! :)

bairozan said...

They all are very sweet and thoughtfully crafted! I really like the books!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thank you! :)