Friday, 6 December 2019

Felt Doves: Sew Pretty Bird Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

As I mentioned yesterday, this month I'm sending out TWO free festive sewing tutorials to the subscribers of my pattern newsletter.

In December you can learn to sew sweet little felt robins (follow the link if you missed yesterday's post!) and pretty felt doves:

The doves tutorial includes a step-by-step guide to sewing the ornaments, and templates for two sizes of the birds.


You can stitch plain white doves or add embellishments for extra loveliness. The bigger doves are particularly great to decorate as there's more space to work with!

I added sequins and beads, and also embroidered one of the doves' wings with some snowflakes.


I love how all of the doves I stitched turned out, but I'm particularly pleased with the snowflake one!

The ornaments are double sided, so you make two sides that are a mirror image of each other. Here's an in-progress pic of one of the sequinned doves:

Want to sew some dove ornaments for you Christmas tree, or to give as gifts this winter?

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The dove and robin tutorials should be sent out to my current pattern newsletter subscribers this week (fingers crossed!) then they'll be available as a download for new subscribers until next month's project is released.

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P.S. I talk about these designs as being Christmas craft projects, but of course you don't need to celebrate Christmas to want to sew a winter robin or a sparkly dove! If you're not a lover of Christmas I hope you'll forgive my linguistic habit and stitch yourself some felt birds anyway xx


Jeri said...

I just found this post thru Pinterest - do you still offer the template & tutorial on making the dove ornaments? I didn't find it in your archives.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Hi Jeri, this was a project I shared with my newsletter subscribers! I'm planning on adding it to my shop later this year though (hopefully this month) so watch this space! :)

Jeri said...

Oh, too bad I missed it. I'm making ornaments now to be ready when the tree goes up in 2 weeks! The doves are too cute!!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks, Jeri! I hope you'll have fun stitching your ornaments xx