Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Felt Barn Owl Mask Tutorial

UPDATE: my barn owl mask tutorial is now available via my Patreon page.


The next free project for my pattern newsletter subscribers? A tutorial for making a fun felt barn owl mask!

 Sew a fun felt barn owl mask!

This mask is really easy to sew and would be great for summer festivals, costume parties, Halloween or just dressing up like an owl because you feel like it. (And why not, right? Owls are awesome!)

Sew a fun felt barn owl mask!
 Sew a fun felt barn owl mask!

I've been working hard to catch up on my monthly newsletter projects, sharing a felt barn owl brooch tutorial (March) and a felt raincloud brooch tutorial (April) earlier this month. I should have May's barn owl mask sent out this week (if the weather co-operates for photo-taking) or early next week, and I've already started work on June's project... so hopefully I can get that sent out actually in June and be all caught up. Hurrah!

I'll be including the links to the raincloud and barn owl tutorials when I send out the barn owl mask in the next few days, so now is a great time to subscribe if you've not yet done so! 

Sew a felt barn owl brooch!

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Sew a felt owl mask for Halloween!