Tuesday 28 May 2019

Royal Celebrations Embroidery Patterns

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Celebrate Harry & Meghan's Royal Wedding, the birth of the new Royal Baby, or your own special occasion with my new Royal Celebrations embroidery patterns!

Cute Royal Wedding Embroidery Pattern

I originally designed this pattern as a cute and kitsch memento of Harry & Meghan's wedding, but updated it to celebrate the birth of little Archie Harrison. (I love kitsch Royal memorabilia!)

You can easily customise the design for your own wedding, the birth of your own little prince or princess, or as a new baby or wedding/anniversary gift.

You could also just use the lion and unicorn patterns to sew cute stuff!

Royal Celebrations Embroidery Patterns

Here's how I stitched the Royal Baby version (framed in a 7 inch embroidery hoop).

Royal Baby Embroidery Pattern - Archie Harrison

I've included simpler versions of the text for this and the Royal Wedding embroidery, as well as blank banners and some useful guide lines for adding your own custom text.

Text Options for the Royal Celebrations Pattern

As well as the main pattern (plus customisable versions - including a pretty floral option which I think would be lovely as nursery decor or as a wedding gift) I've also included individual elements from the pattern separately so you can easily include them in other projects.

The heart and rings would make a fab embroidered felt ornament for a wedding gift (heart on the front, rings and initials and a date on the back) and the lion and unicorn are just adorable on their own (I'm so pleased with how they both turned out!). Oh, and I've included a Union Jack version of the heart, too, in case that's useful (maybe you'd like to stitch a memento of Will & Kate's wedding instead?)

Royal Celebrations Embroidery Patterns

I stitched the unicorn in some cute colours (adding a metallic silver horn and some silvery bits in its mane and tail) then framed it in a 5 inch embroidery hoop and added LOTS of sparkly silver star sequins. Here's a video so you can see just how sparkly it is!

Cute Unicorn Embroidery Pattern

Royal Wedding Embroidery Pattern - Harry & Meghan
Royal Baby Embroidery Pattern - Archie Harrison
Sparkly Unicorn Embroidery Hoop Art