Tuesday 5 February 2019

A Year of Wreaths: February Valentine's Heart Wreath Tutorial

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My monthly wreath project continues with a heart-themed wreath to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and to spread a little love and happiness!

Valentine's Day Wreath

This month’s wreath features embroidered felt hearts, pretty ricrac and some gorgeous berry-coloured yarn.

The hanging heart would also make a fab ornament on its own - simple add a coordinating ribbon loop and a matching backing heart (either cut a plain red felt heart or repeat the relevant steps to make two decorated hearts to join together).

Embroidered felt heart for Valentine's Day

finished wreath with all the pieces glued in position

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Lily said...

Laura,I'm glad I rediscovered your blog :)
I'm keen on doing all the stitching by hand as well. and sewing through ricrac and some layers of material is my very ''favourite''...
Thanks for the post. Cherry reds look great.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks, Lily! I hope you'll continue to enjoy following along with my posts this year :)