Friday 1 June 2018

Retro Rag Doll Tutorial

UPDATE: this tutorial is now available in my Patreon pattern library.  

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This month's freebie for my newsletter subscribers is a tutorial for sewing a decorative rag doll from felt and fabric.

I designed this doll for a magazine a few years ago, but since the issue is long out of print I thought it'd be nice to share the pattern with you guys!

The doll has lots of cute details - a beehive hairdo complete with a flower, pretty eyelashes, a beaded "pearl" necklace, and Mary Jane shoes. You could also easily adapt the basic doll pattern to give her a different look, or make a set of dolls with different hair colours and patterned dresses.

Please note: this doll is designed as a decorative item, not a toy. Make sure you display it well out of reach of young children!

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