Friday 29 June 2018

Summer at Kew: the Rose Garden

The main problem with visiting somewhere like Kew Gardens is that you come home with a frankly ridiculous quantity of photos filling up your camera roll.

There are just so many lovely things to photograph, particularly if you're wandering round on your own instead of chatting with friends. I find if I'm visiting places with friends I see something lovely and say "ooh, look at that, isn't it lovely" but if I'm on my own I express that same "ooh" by taking a photo!

As you may have already gathered, that's what happened when I explored the rose garden at Kew one summer.

It was a beautiful day and the roses were looking (and smelling) fabulous. I spent ages walking from bush to bush, admiring individual flowers and then standing back to soak in the flower-filled vistas.

Just like when I visited during magnolia season, I was far from the only person wandering around gazing at the flowers in a bit of a daze!

I ended up chatting to quite a few of my fellow rose-admirers, some of whom had come from the other side of the world and others who lived just down the road and came to Kew every week or so for a quiet walk.

Kew's rose garden is located behind the Palm House, so you also get to enjoy the curved lines of the glasshouse as you roam around peering at petals. The formal borders of the rose garden are quite a contrast to the lush greenery inside the Palm House - exploring one and then the other would be a very enjoyable combination.

Ah, there's just so much floral loveliness! I would apologise for filling this blog post with quite so many rose pictures but I'm not actually sorry at all.

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Marta said...

Bellissime foto di fiori.

bairozan said...

This is a beautiful place, I love to walk alone and be able to take pictures, too! When there are more of us, we always have to stop and wait for those who take pictures :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Marta - thank you! :)

bairozan - Ah, that's nice! I often feel guilty making people wait while I take photos when I'm out in a group and sometimes have to run to catch up when they get fed up waiting, haha.

L said...

Oh, I remember Kew Gardens, we made sure to visit it when we went to London. It was beautiful, even though it was a dreary day. I feel like I'm back there again :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

L - I'm delighted to hear you enjoyed the post... and Kew itself, of course! :)