Friday 22 June 2018

My Flat in Progress, Summer 2017: Carpet!

After a hectic few months of DIY projects, we pressed pause on my flat renovation in early May last year.

My parents were busy house hunting, then getting ready for a cross-country move... and then they had their own DIY projects to worry about as they settled into their new place and got things fixed up and redecorated to suit them.

They'd spent months helping me work on my flat, and now it was my turn to help them out so I spent a large chunk of the summer living in their spare room and working out of a suitcase. It was a little chaotic, but I'd been living out of boxes for a while anyway and it was kinda nice to take a break from all the dust and DIY.

We did get one important job ticked off my flat To Do List last summer, though: getting some new carpet! (Yay!).

My dad and I took a trip back to my flat one very sunny weekend, with a carload full of boxes and furniture that I'd not yet moved out of my parents' spare bedroom. I ordered carpet and underlay and got the carpet fitter booked in, then it was time to take up the old laminate flooring in my spare room and living room.

We worked as a team, my dad taking the flooring up and me carrying it down the stairs and across the street to load it into the boot of the car ready for a trip to the tip.

Do I recommend this as a fun activity to do on one of the hottest days of the year? I do not.

It was great to get rid of the laminate, though, and have everything prepped for the carpet fitter.

The bright, white, empty spaces of the spare room and living room were quite a contrast to the mess that the other rooms in my flat were in at this point. Very little furniture + lots of bags and boxes full of stuff = chaos!

Carpet fitting day rolled round (exactly a year ago today, in fact!)... and I developed a bit of a crush on the colours in the underlay. So pretty.

The underlay got fitted...

... followed by the carpet, which is nothing fancy but looks super swish next to the old thin carpet in my hallway!

It turns out that getting new carpet is VERY EXCITING. Even if the actual carpet you've bought is not exciting at all, it's just so... new! And carpet-y!

Of course, when you get new carpet you've gotta lie on the floor and take a bunch of "Yay! New carpet!" selfies. Them's the rules. 

More flat updates sometime soon...


FernParkLily said...

Your carpet is so great I am really enjoying your journey with your flat Such fun thanks for posting all of the great craft ideas.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks, Vicki! I'm enjoying blogging about it all - even if I am a little behind with my posts about it ;)