Monday 28 March 2016

Nostalgia, Negatives and a New Project

I'm slooooowly editing lots of photos at the moment: some for blog posts about my Nice Days Out, some for a new Book of Craftiness... and some so I can get them professionally printed and put them in actual photo albums.

I've got half a shelf of photo albums but they pretty much stop at the date I bought my first digital camera (around when I left University... which was a while ago now!).

Digital photography is great. Of course it is. Instant photos? That I can easily edit and share? This is magical stuff!

But I can't help but miss the simpler days of finishing a roll of film, and taking it to the chemist (or popping it in the post in one of those pre-paid envelopes) then waiting for that exciting moment when you get to see how your snaps turned out.

Realistically I'm probably never going to go back to using a film camera (do local chemists even still offer cheap next day photo processing like they used to??).

During a recent bit of decluttering I even cleared out the box of negatives I'd been collecting for years "just in case" I wanted to reprint a photo or two. Guess what, younger self: you never, ever did.

Although I might not be able to go back in time or willing to give up the perks of all this shiny modern photo-taking tech, I can still have albums full of photos!

I've made a few photo books of special events (like my sister's wedding) over the years but I'm determined to gradually get my everyday snaps of family and friends and cats out of the (metaphorically) dusty depths of my laptop and printed and into the pages of an album or two.

I've been planning to do this for simply ages (literally years) but I am resolving to devote the time to making it actually happen this year.

Real photos, stuck on real pages with those lovely little old fashioned photo corners and handwritten captions to help me remember who was who and what was what.

What could be nicer than that?


Silly Little Sheep said...

I don't necessarily miss looking forward to the pictures and then finding out that they turned out blurry yet you still had to pay for them. I love digital photography, but you're right - there is nothing quite as magical as opening a photo album and going through the nicely arranged memories. I started a kind-of-a-scrapbook where I stick printed photos and then draw around them in fine liners and add captions. It takes time but it is time well spent as my older relatives do not have computers, so I can take it with me and show them.

Good luck with unearthing the photos, it can be a real pain, but you can do it!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Oh goodness yes, the sadness when the photos hadn't turned out how you hoped!

Love the idea of your scrapbook. I did something similar with my photos from University and it's so nice looking through it now and reading all the stories associated with the photos :)