Friday 4 March 2016

How To: Sew A Crochet Hook Roll

UPDATE: this tutorial is now part of my Patreon pattern library xx


Today I'm sharing a tutorial for using felt, fabric and ribbon to make a roll for storing your crochet hooks or other creative tools like pencils, pens, or knitting needles.


This project originally appeared in docrafts Creativity magazine in 2014 and was made using cute heart fabric from this bundle, ribbon from this pack and coordinating felt.

The measurements listed are for a crochet hook wrap. To adapt this project to fit different tools you’ll need to draw your own templates. This is very easy! Just lay out your tools on a piece of squared paper and measure the size you need for the pocket. Then draw a larger rectangle for the wrap template, leaving at least 1cm space around the bottom and sides of the pocket and plenty of space for the tallest of your tools.




Katrin said...

Thank you so much. I always wanted to make such a roll - without a sewing machine. All the other tutorials that I've seen required one and I find it difficult to transfer. Now I will finally make a roll for my fineliners :-)

Kay said...

Thank you of this tutorial, the will make great presents. x

Cream Linen said...

Thank you for the tutorial and lovely idea.

Silly Little Sheep said...

It looks very sweet :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks guys!

Katrin - I have this problem with a lot of sewing tutorials too, as I haven't used a machine in about 15 years! I hope you'll have fun sewing a roll for your pens :)