Tuesday 5 April 2016

Knitting, Travelling, Photographing, Mending and Spring Cleaning!

Yesterday I went to my local knitting shop (hurrah for local knitting shops) and bought the final ball of yarn for my happy rainbow blanket.

It's "grass green", one of the new colours Stylecraft introduced last year. I'd been looking everywhere for a nice bright, zingy green to add to my rainbow of colours so I was thrilled when Stylecraft added this to their range. Doesn't it look great with the other bright colours?

Things have been a little quiet here on the crafty front as I've been taking lots of trips and spending my evenings before planning lots of sightseeing and after putting my feet up and editing lots of photos.

I've got lots of photos to share from my trips to Leeds and York - and I'll blog about them sometime soon, I promise! I've also visited Bath (beautiful as always) and the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare (breezy!).

Our sweet kitty has been furious with me for being away so often, but he seems to have forgiven me now and is back to sleeping on my bed at night and getting into my business whenever possible.

Here's a snap of him from a few weeks back when he was "helping" me take some photos:

He also kindly kept me company on the sofa while I did some mending this weekend (he snoozed at one end of the sofa while I sat and stitched at the other: excellent teamwork!).

I've been meaning to mend this duvet cover for sooooo long, it's great to have the task finally ticked off my To Do list. I can't remember ever having sewn a patch on something before, and the hole I was mending was actually several small holes and one large tear... so I'd convinced myself that this was going to be a v tricky task and thus had been putting it off.

It turns out it wasn't actually tricky at all, hurrah, and I'm delighted with the finished result. I used scraps of my favourite Liberty print for the patches because why not have pretty patches, right?

Also on my To Do list at the moment: lots of spring cleaning! I'm doing lots of actual physical cleaning and tidying, but also sorting things like my digital files and my Etsy shop

To help me spring clean my shop, I've reduced the price of some listings that are due to expire in the next few days. All these pieces are now just £1 each (plus postage). Quick, go grab a bargain and treat yourself or a friend to a felt-y something...



Ariadne said...

What a pity I can't take advantage of your spring cleaning. The blanket looks gorgeous!AriadnefromGreece!