Tuesday 14 July 2015

Festival Chic & Folk Florals: Projects for docrafts Creativity Magazine

Thanks for the comments on my last post - and all your feedback about the bigger photos :)

Almost everyone who commented here & on social media voted for the larger pics, so I'll be switching to the bigger size from here on and (slowly) resizing the photos in some of my popular posts, too. It's funny how just a few days of looking at the new size photos has made the old ones seem teeny tiny!

Today's pics? They're of a couple of projects I made for docrafts Creativity magazine - last month's issue (June, #59) and the current issue (July, #60).

My project for June made it onto the cover! Yay!


I stitched a festival-inspired bag, with supplies from docrafts' Denim Blue range.

I especially love these mini tassels: so cute!


For this month's issue I used this gorgeous stamp from docrafts' new Folk Floral range...


... to make an embroidered heart which the docrafts team then used to create a fabulous card:


The finished card is super pretty!

I love collaborative projects like this - it's always so exciting seeing how the final piece has turned out.

Can't find docrafts Creativity Magazine in your local newsagent? You can subscribe here or buy individual issues here.


Emilia Jayne said...

This looks great. I’ve just nominated you for the versatile blogger award on my site. http://emiliahearts.co.uk/2015/07/15/the-versatile-blogger-award-nomination-yippee/

Anonymous said...

Love your little bag. I am drawn to festival bags despite never been cool enough when younger to go to one and now feeling far too old (as well as disinclined). Still love the look though! I love the beads on the bag. This kind of sewing is so much fun. It is hard to think of new projects though.

Kerry said...

Congrats on making the front cover!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Emilia Jayne - thanks again for the nomination! x

Anon - I have never been to a festival either, but I love that kind of bohemian summer style :)