Thursday 9 July 2015


You might have noticed that it's been a bit quiet round here lately.

I have - very frustratingly - been suffering from a patch of blogger's block. Ugh.

With any kind of creative block (the writing kind or the crafting kind) I've found the best thing to do is to give myself time. Time to rest and relax, to soak up some non-work-related inspiration and give my ideas a chance to quietly simmer at the back of my brain until they're ready to bubble over from my, er, brain pot? (that metaphor went a bit weird, didn't it?)

Hopefully I will be back to my usual irregular-but-frequent blogging "schedule" soon. Please bear with me!

Behind the scenes I've been working towards a few deadlines, doing lots of stitching for a secret project (which is going to be a gift so I can't blog about it yet) and taking regular "cuddle breaks" when this small furry dictator demands them:

I have a stack of magazines and a blanket stationed ready for when the "GIVE ME CUDDLES NOOOOOOW!" yowling begins - something to read, and something to stop my knees getting spiked by our kitty's very sharp claws / stop my clothes from getting covered in fur! (Pictured: Work/Life 3, the UPPERCASE directory of illustration)

With Wimbledon in full swing, we've been watching lots of tennis :)

I've also been adding some more "destash" craft supplies to my Etsy shop as I continue to clear out my studio...

 ... click here to visit my shop & see what's currently available.

P.S. I'm trying out a slightly different blog layout with bigger photos - what do you think?


bairozan said...

Indeed, the best thing is to give yourself some time and not to think about it. Cuddles and favorite shows - what more one can ask for :)

Unknown said...

Wimbledon has been quite good this year!! Although I've somehow missed all of Andy Murray's matches!!
Love the bigger photos too :-)

Wendy Ward said...

love the bigger photos, I must admit to missing your nice days out as well as your craftiness -take the break, look at and do different things and give your self time :)

Anonymous said...

The bigger photos are great. Enjoy the changes and trust your intuition. All will be well.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have noticed the picture size because I am used to big pictures (sort of) but now that you mention it, I compared with your previous pictures. I prefer the other size, if I am honest, just because I can see all the picture on my screen without having to scroll down. It is one of my bug bears that so often online I can't see a whole dress etc. that I am being shown because it is too big to fit on the page at once. I don't like the oversized pictures that overfill a screen for that reason. In fact it used to drive me mad. Bigger is not always better! But like I said I am used to it, and other people seem to prefer it, so maybe it is just me!

Whenever you run out of things to say, I for one would be most content with beautiful cat pictures. I used to have a little black cat and he was such a lovely boy. I have a tabby who likes to sit beside me while I am reading, rarely on my lap though.

C said...

I prefer the bigger photos.

Lovely dictator you have there. :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks for the feedback about the photos, everyone, and for your kind words!

Sara - it annoys me when I can't see a whole photo, too! I will be trying to use as many square and landscape pics as possible as I find they fit screens much better than portrait ones which can often need scrooooooolling down if they're too big :)