Wednesday 29 July 2015

A Happy Blanket Becomes... A Happy Rainbow Blanket!

Remember my happy patchwork blanket?

I started with some knitted squares left over from one project (a blanket that never became a blanket in my teens) and some bright yarn left over from a couple of (much more recent!) projects. I decided to use them as the basis for a nice new patchwork blanket: adding these sorbet colours plus some bright red left over from yet another project, knitting slowly in the quiet evenings and gradually building up a nice pile of squares.

After much umming and aahing about how to arrange the colours I decide lay the squares out in colour order.

Don't all those bright colours look delicious together? Yum.

I've now got 70 squares knitted for the blanket but the colour mix is a teeny bit imbalanced. The perils of using leftovers!

I thought about just adding in some greens to balance out the reds and pinks at the "hot" end of the spectrum but then I thought how nice it would be to "go full rainbow" and cram in as many bright happy colours as possible.

So, these are the new colours I've bought...

 ... and here's (roughly) how they'll fit in with the other colours. 

I love how all these bright colours just ZING together.

I'll probably switch some colours around later when I come to arrange all the squares, and maybe add in some more shades if they're needed. But for now, knitting squares from these new colours will keep me plenty busy!

P.S. In case you're interested, I'm using double-knit acrylic yarn on size 8 needles and casting on 30 stitches making squares approx 14 cm across. The finished blanket is probably going to be a good size for a single bed, or curling up on the sofa. The new shades I bought are all Stylecraft Special DK - sunshine, aster, citron, spice, fondant and lime.


bairozan said...

The colors are fantastic! A happy blanket, indeed!

Katrin said...

Amazing colours, so beautiful. Your pictures are really lovely.

Vikki said...

Wow! That blanket is going to look beautiful!

Silly Little Sheep said...

They look insanely beautiful and so happy!!!

Fiona Mowat said...

I'd like to try a blanket. Do you mean The old size 8 or 8mm?

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks guys! I adore these colours, it's great to be able to share their joyfulness with you via the magic of the internet :)

Fiona - I'm using UK size 8 (4mm) knitting needles.