Thursday 29 January 2015

Tempting Temptations

As I've mentioned a couple of times, I'm trying to focus on destashing this year. Using up the crafty supplies I already have, clearing out the ones I no longer need and resisting the urge to buy shiny new crafty things unless I need them for a specific project... decluttering my space and saving money in the process.

But aaaargh, I am being so tempted by some lovely fabric you guys!

Specifically, this gorgeous bird print (from "Flock" by Michael Miller)...

... and this loveliness from Eloise Renouf's "Shape of Spring" collection

(Images from M is for Make) Nice, huh?

There are lots of reasons why I shouldn't buy this fabric. I have a big stash of un-used fabric already, I don't have any particular project in mind for these new prints so they'll probably sit un-used in my stash as well, I've already gone waaaay over my January budget by buying this dress and booking a spring holiday (oops!), I'd rather spend any spare cash I have on Nice Days Out, etc etc etc. But most of all having resolved to curb my crafty spending in 2015 I want to stick with it and not fail at the very first hurdle!

So, I am writing this blog post to help me resist this fabric's siren song. One of the great things about blogging about a long-term project (be it a crafty make or a personal challenge) is that it helps you stick with it. I do not want to be writing a confessional blog post in a few days or weeks time admitting to you all that I had no willpower! I will not buy this fabric. I will not buy this fabric. I will not buy this fabric.

Fingers crossed...


s.z.elliott said...

Beautiful fabric, I would be VERY tempted myself !
Like you I have made a promise to use up as much of my stash as possible this year ( I have a lot !). Having said that I do find it quite exciting receiving 'essential- life saving supplies' through the post be it paints, pens, paper, fabric, buttons, lace, thread, vintagey bits and bobs and the list goes on .... I am telling myself ' I have enough, I have everything I need '
I might have to do it in steps, like a month at a time !
Well, wishing you good luck with holding back on stash purchases......for now ! :-))

Unknown said...

Oh nooooo now I feel like I need that fabric in my life!!!!

Anonymous said...

When I see the giant fabric stashes that some bloggers have - the ones that resemble their own fabric stores and are so overwhelming, I feel my own modest supply is put into perspective. So even if I sometimes wonder if I 'need' more fabric and what I will do with it, if one jumps out at me I will buy it. I do want the bird one, it's gorgeous.

Also if you don't have the means at hand to make stuff, then you just don't. I tend to buy fat quarters rather than bigger amounts. Which is okay as I make little things.

Unknown said...

That bird fabric!!!

I have also been trying so hard not to buy supplies unless I have a project specifically in mind (and one I intend to immediately start...)

It's hard!

Bugs and Fishes said...

S.Z. - best of luck with your stash busting!

Smazur - sorry! :)

Anon - oh gosh yes some people have HUGE fabric stashes! Lucky for them if they have the money and space (and time to sew so much).

Rebecca - it is soooo tricky resisting these lovely things, but I know from looking at my stash that the things I never get round to using are the ones I bought "just because" and not with a project in mind. I am determined to stay strong and resist... for the rest of this year at least ;)