Friday 2 January 2015

Patchwork Progress

After a super busy few months jam-packed with deadlines, I had a deliciously lazy Christmas and New Year. It was lovely!

I purposefully didn't get much done, but I did knit a lot of blanket squares (my go-to crafty project when I want to relax). I knitted some large squares for my happy rainbow blanket, and some small squares for my patchwork picnic blanket... and spent lots of happy hours sewing some squares I'd knitted earlier onto the patchwork.


I'm making my patchwork blanket with leftover yarn from other projects. I knit as many small moss stitch squares (10 stitches wide) with the yarn, then sew the squares together to make some simple shapes. Then I add the shapes to the blanket sections (I'm making it in several sections so I can spread the colours across the finished blanket) and trim any yarn ends that are no longer needed.

I last blogged about the blanket back in the summer... here's how the sections are looking now, with a total of 270 mini squares stitched together:


Making this blanket is a sloooooow, labour-intensive process! Here are the yarn ends left over from my stitching over Christmas:

As part of my Use It or Lose It challenge I also decided to make use of the half dozen dark squares I had that aren't gonna fit in my bright, happy blanket, unravelling them...

... and re-knitting the yarn into small squares to add to my patchwork project: 

I wonder how much my patchwork project will grow this coming year?


Debbie said...

Looking great. A little suggestion - you can fill a bird feeder with wool bits for the birds to use to make nests!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Great tip, thanks Debbie! I'd only want to do that with 100% wool yarn though, most of the yarn I use is non bio-degradable synthetic stuff.