Sunday, 15 June 2014

Three New Books for My Bookshelf

Some of the projects from my first book, Super-Cute Felt, have been reprinted in other craft books... and this month I got hold of some copies to add to my collection.

First up, there's Halloween Crafts which (as you have probably guessed from the title) is filled with craft projects for Halloween...

... including my felt bat ornaments! I love these little guys, they're spooky but cute :)

Aside from my bats, Halloween Crafts includes 34 more ideas for Halloween decor, costumes and food (with a fold-out pattern sheet at the back with full-size patterns, which is always a great thing to find in a craft book). I especially love these kids costumes and those spooky houses.

Next up, one of my projects is included in My First Jewelry Making Book...

... and it even made the cover! Yay!

It's rather fun (and slightly weird) seeing the step by step pictures drawn by a different illustrator - like a glimpse into an alternate universe where my book turned out slightly differently.

The rest of the book is completely adorable. I love the little animal characters dotted throughout it and the jewellery projects all look like things I would have loved to make as a kid, especially those button hair clips (I had so many clips like that when I was little, though sadly no button-y ones!).

Finally, some of my projects are included in another kids craft book from the same series: My First Quilting Book, which introduces kids to quilting, patchwork and applique.

It contains six of my Super-Cute Felt projects, including the apple pincushion...

... the bunny brooch...

... and the cat purse.

There are a few more felt-y projects in the book but it's mostly focused on working with fabric. Just like the Jewellery book, there are some very cute illustrations!

I know this is a kids craft book but I am such a novice at sewing with fabric (and soooo rusty with using a sewing machine) that I found myself looking at these simple patchwork and quilting projects and thinking "ooh, I could totally make that!" Maybe I should add "get out my sewing machine and make some patchwork projects" to my To Do list?? Hmm...

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Lily said...

Well, I think after these last weeks' posts we can definitely say - Laura's going places :)))

BugsandFishes said...

Aw, thanks Lily! A whole bunch of stuff does seem to have happened at once but behind the scenes the timings work out a bit differently... I think all three of these books actually came out last year, I've just only got round to getting copies of them :)


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