Wednesday 25 June 2014

Show Your Workings

Remember being told to "show your workings" in maths exams??

(Boy, do I not miss doing those!)

Well, today I thought I'd "show my workings" by giving you a look at the back of a couple of my stitchy projects. People so rarely show the back of their stitching that I honestly have no idea if mine is a terrible embarrasing mess, surprisingly neat or somewhere inbetween (I'm guessing and kinda hoping it's the latter, but who knows?!)

Here's the back of the waterlily I stitched this month from a vintage transfer...

... can you spot the bit where - half awake - I paused and then accidentally re-started my stitching in totally the wrong place, carrying my thread across the design? I totally didn't notice I'd done it until it was waaaay too late to go back and unpick.

And here's the (much messier) back of a cross stitch project I started at the weekend.

I was feeling a bit under the weather and needed a nice relaxing project I could work on while curled up on the sofa, binge-watching Supernatural. I had a flick through some of the craft books in my studio and found a lovely one from this book.

I'll share more pics of this project as it progresses... although they will probably (almost definitely) be of the pretty front side of the cross stitch not the messy workings :)


Charlotte said...

looks considerably neater than the back of any of mine!

Jane said...

Oh yes I remember that, show your workings out!

Back of my things are not always that neat, I do try to be neat, but its what is on the front that counts if the back is hidden that is.

How do you get so many things done, I am so slow.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Charlotte - This is definitely getting a lot messier as I add new colours :)

Jane - Oh yes, as long as the front of your work looks nice you can get away with a lot of mess at the back!

I do spend a lot of time making stuff, I'm always stitching (or knitting) something in the evenings when I watch TV with my family :)